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Angeyja has an impressive background in 360°communications for fast-growing global companies. 




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Areas of Expertise

Reputation management

Angeyja has extensive experience of building and guarding corporate reputation, especially through challenging times and periods of corporate transformation.

Investor relations (IR)

Regardless of whether you are privately or publicly-owned, your investors deserve honest, clear and consistent information. Angeyja can assist you in defining your IR narrative and disclosure strategy.  


Angeyja has built effective communication packages for dozens of mergers, acquisitions and divestments, including those of several multinational companies, and for subsequent restructures at both a global and local level. 


Internal communications

Your employees are your most important ambassadors. Angeyja helps you to engage better with your staff to build loyalty and a sense of cohesion. 

Crisis & Issues communications

Angeyja can help guard your reputation when the talking gets tough and trust is threatened. We have built numerous crisis communications packages for potential and actual crisis situations, particularly in the healthcare industry. 


With years of experience in the health and alimentary sectors, Angeyja is highly skilled at translating complex information into clear and concise messaging in line with regulatory requirements.


Public & Media relations

Create strategies for effectively raising awareness of your company. Angeyja can support you in building your profile and corporate reputation via new, as well as traditional platforms. 

Corporate branding

Angeyja can enable you to build a distinctive and compelling brand, helping you to position your company and your products clearly.



Whether you are presenting to an internal audience, or at major global events, Angeyja ensures you deliver a memorable presentation that incorporates a compelling narrative and creative visualization. 





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